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Mar. 22nd, 2029

Munch says so
Friends Mostly. Comment to be add. I do cuts periodically. I cut those who've not updated in a long time or those who haven't commented in a few months. I figure if you haven't said anything in a few months, let alone ever, then you're probably not reading. People don't mesh, and that's cool.

So if you want to friend me, go for it. If you want to ask about a cut, go for it. I don't bite.


Feb. 27th, 2013

Munch says so
I'm going to fucking punch someone in the fucking face today I swear.

Feb. 23rd, 2013

kitty city
L.A. Confidential is a fantastic movie. I saw it in the theater when it first came out and owned the VHS for years but never got around to upgrading it to DVD. I need to do that.

It's on Cinemax this afternoon which worked out nicely for me since after seeing a few Guy Pearce icons and gifs yesterday, I'd been wanting to re-watch it. Guy Pearce is FINE AS HELL in this movie.

It's got a great script and great performances and is overall put together in a fantastic manner. Few flaws in this movie imo. Kevin Spacey was his usual amazing self and the film utilizes a variety of great character actors and showed me Kim Basinger could act, though she doesn't stand out as strongly to me, but being fair she wasn't given as much to work with.

It also has the bonus of having a young, good looking Russell Crowe before we found out what an ass he was. But Guy Pearce stood out to me then and he does now. Not just for being fine as hell, though that helps, but he was so amazing and underrated to me as an actor. This was the movie that made me a fan and why I've followed his winding and strange career since then. But studio backed Crowe and he's who got the press and the bigger push.

Several performances are vital to putting the film together and helping make it work, but Guy's complex role as a master manipulator torn between doing the right thing and playing the games of the corrupt LAPD is the make or break role of the entire film. If he'd done anything beyond an amazing job I don't think the film would have worked.

The eternal struggle of a movie fan is that we know better, we know it's all political, corrupt, and highly competitive, but we still at our core equate Oscars and their nominations with talent.

Which is why I say I don't know how Guy Pearce doesn't have a nomination between this amazing modern day noir and the other modern day noir flick he did, Memento.

Jul. 19th, 2012

Munch says so
There is so much going on I don't even know where to start. Good and bad and frustrating. But instead, I give you the brilliance of Freddie and Queen. Accept no substitutes.

When things get really bad in life, and I've been doing this for about 20 years now, I turn to music. Sometimes it because it speaks to what I'm feeling, sometimes it's a distraction, sometimes it's sort of a life preserver. People who love music like I do get what I mean when I say music speaks to me. It speaks to my soul. It affects me. It's powerful and magical way beyond it just being some tasty jams. It's not a music snob thing since there are people who love it like I do, love it, or just really like it. And not everyone gets it when I speak about it being as vital for me as oxogen, and that's ok. My Ipod, hard drive and physical collection run every genre, with rock and pop being the two big main genres with so many subsets that I dig that it's too many too list.

But when I'm sick, I hit music. When I'm on extreme physical restrictions, I hit the music. When I'm frustrated, I hit the music. When life gets bad or scary, I, well you know.

Depending on what's going on I have things I can't listen to. When mom had her surgery and Dio came on the radio and I fangirl him hard, to the point I know I get a few eye rolls when I mention him. I couldn't listen to a man who'd died of stomach cancer. Couldn't do it. The other day on the way to the hospital that Stevie Nicks song Landslide came on and I choked back a sob and actually said, "Oh hell no." and flipped the dial. It's a beautiful song, and I hit youtube to make sure I had the right song and it still just gut kicked me so I had to close the window. But when you're kinda looking at death and trying to beat the bastard back for awhile, it's kind of a gut kick, or maybe that's just how it hit me.

I knew when I drove down on the 9th that we were going to be in for a hell of a couple of weeks. I plan my road music since if I don't drive like a bat out of hell it's a two and a half hour drive. But I plan my music more than I do what I'm gonna put in a suitcase. I can always go to wal-mordor for socks and underwear, but the music is key. Usually I burn my own mix-cds but sometimes I throw in some CD's I've bought and on the way down I hit a little AC\DC, Def Leppard, Beastie Boys, and then I put in Queen. And Queen has stayed in my cd player since then. It's played on my I-pod every time I turn it on. Other stuff too, but I'm on a huge Queen kick again. I Want it All, It's a Kind of Magic, Don't Stop Me Now, Killer Queen, and One Vision have been on extremely heavy rotation. I don't know why. I don't always know why a song, a band or a mix of both form my mental musical lifeline when things get bad. But there ya go.

Queen is one of my top 5 favorite bands, possibly my favorite, though it's hard when you love music like I do to go all Highlander where there can be only one. Though Queen did the soundtrack so maybe they do automatically win that one. And I'll forever miss Freddie and what he could have done. Should have done. And it's kinda intimidating all they managed to do by the time he was 45 and gone.

But I share an amazing song of theirs and really, wasn't reading about my love for them better than me ranting how if you ever get sick in the state of Montana...GET OUT?


Munch says so
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